How much is an seo consultant?

Similarly, a larger-scale SEO strategy, such as an enterprise-level plan, will have higher SEO costs. For example, technical SEO work (keyword research, title tag rewriting, technical corrections) had an average ROI of 117%, while content-based SEO had an ROI of 748%. Some apply this pricing structure for minor projects or SEO services that require very specific work, such as keyword research, website SEO audits, and content creation. Although there are elements of SEO that you can outsource to anyone, it's not easy to teach a customer that good SEO isn't a commodity.

Use this SEO Pricing Guide Cheat Sheet for a quick overview of SEO costs, from average rates to price factors. There are many factors that can determine the price of an SEO campaign, and these are usually discovered after a thorough SEO audit. After this reading, you will be able to understand what is included in an SEO campaign and, approximately, how much you should pay if you are in the market for SEO services. Hourly consulting refers to a contract in which clients pay agencies an hourly rate in exchange for SEO services.

As SEO expands to include other areas, such as content marketing, conversion analysis, social media optimization, and other areas of digital marketing, it has become more advantageous for companies to invest in full-service SEO solutions. SEO isn't a get-rich-quick business, and charging too much could backfire when customers find other providers with more competitive SEO pricing packages. Comparing the price of an SEO package with other services is an essential step in the buying process, and it can also help you choose the right SEO specialists for your business. Before you hire an SEO agency, you'll want to get an idea of the return on investment or SEO ROI you're likely to see.

In general, SEO providers who specialize in a task can often charge more than those who provide general SEO services.